ChallengesIf the road to the highest level of motorsport was easy

women would have been competing for many years. And yet, the last time a woman competed on actual raceday was in 1975.

More than equal

Holistic Support System

There needs to be a specific process for a support system for underrepresented groups in Formula 1. From global scouting, to training them younger, and developing both mental and physical strength as early as promising male drivers receive it.

More than equal

Super Licence Points

The FIA Super Licence is a requirement to compete at the highest level of motorsport, and the applicant must meet the requirements of the FIA's International Sporting Code. A key component is accumulating 40 Super Licence Points across 3 consecutive seasons (30 for now due to Covid 19). Bear in mind that winning an endurance or regional championship, or a women-specific series only brings in half of those required points.

More than equal

Physical Strength

Formula 1 is considered one of the most demanding sports – both mentally and physically. Cardiorespiratory responses akin to soccer players for the duration of over two hours, up to 5G force testing neck strength, power, and overall physicality – data-driven insights and research will point towards barriers which need to be minimised.

More than equal


No racer, male or female, can succeed at the highest level without extensive racing opportunities in the car, supported by access to simulators and exhaustive training programmes. This requires a high level of access to resources and funds.