Finding the first female F1 drivers' world champion

It's a matter of WHEN, not IF

In it to win it

We will search globally for top female racing talent, provide them holistic training and support at par with what promising male drivers receive. Through a comprehensive training programme coupled with racing opportunities, we aim to see women competing at the highest level of motorsport.

A female F1 Drivers' World champion

Bringing forward the day when a woman lifts the Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship trophy.

What is >= More Than Equal

>= More than Equal brings together some of motorsports' best scouts, physical trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, racing coaches and drivers... all focused on finding and developing the first female Formula 1 Drivers' World Champion.

Founded by 13-times Grand Prix winner David Coulthard and entrepreneur Karel Komarek, with the ambition to understand and minimise barriers specific to women racing in Formula 1 as well as providing better scouting and earlier and ongoing support.

The road to success

The programme is being built upon 4 key components: Scouting for the right talent; Developing the right level of physical strength; Building the right winning mindset with mental strength and resilience; Advancement of driving skill and speed.

More on our Programme's Foundation

What makes this the Winning FormulaOur journey from discovery to winning

More than equal

Scouting Globally

More than equal

Winning Mindset and Mental Resilience

More than equal

Developing Physical Strength

More than equal

Enhancing Speed through Coached Racecraft

More than equal

Long-term Commitment

The future builds on the foundation of the past

771 drivers, 41 different nationalities

In over 1000+ FIA World Championship races since 1950 British Grand Prix, only 5 female drivers have competed in qualifying in a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Only 2 have made it to raceday. Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first of these 5, finished 10th in the 1958 Belgian Grand Prix and 17 years later, Lella Lombardi took home points in the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix.

30 years since women competed in F1

It's time to change that!

Join us in bringing about change

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