>=Our Mission

Find, nurture and develop female racing drivers, while identifying and removing the systemic barriers they face.

Our philosophy

At More than Equal, we will make history by finding and developing a female Formula 1 World Champion.

It will not be an easy task. The odds are against us. There's no quick way to make this a reality. It will take grit, talent, determination and investment. A fearless pursuit of excellence. We will need to ask ourselves tough questions and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Having a woman as an F1 World Champion really matters.

Imagine the rewards for our sport and for women everywhere when the chequered flag comes down on that first female champion. Every girl deserves an equal opportunity to achieve her dreams: whether that is running a global company, leading a country, or dominating in elite motorsport.

That is why More than Equal exists.


13-times Grand Prix winner David Coulthard joins forces with entrepreneur and philanthropist, Karel Komarek.

David Coulthard

Former Formula 1 driver with a career spanning 16 seasons from 1994 - 2009, 13 Grand Prix wins and 62 podium finishes. Quick witted, entertaining and sharp as a razor, "DC" is a well-known TV pundit, and the Chairman of W Series' Advisory Board.

"Women can not only compete at the top level of motorsport, but potentially win."'

Karel Komarek

Businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Karel Komarek is the founder of one of the fastest growing investment groups, KKCG. Today, led by its founder, KKCG has an aggregate asset value of over 9 billion Euros, over 9000 people employed across 38 countries, and an equally strong commitment towards philanthropy.

"This is a bold but achievable ambition, that will open more eyes to female potential."


More than Equal is positioned as a not-for-profit.