ProgrammeFour core elements

A variety of reasons exist as to why women have not achieved more in Formula 1; however there is no single, insurmountable barrier.

1. Scouting globally

Collaboration with a global network of scouting agents to search on and off the track for high-potential female karting and racing talent. The best will join the programme.

2. Building a winning mindset

Through physical strength, mental resilience and a data-driven training programme tailored by Hintsa Performance, mirroring services provided to current athletes and motorsport drivers.

3. Speed

Enhancing speed through coached racecraft, David Coulthard will join forces with top race coaches to create racing strategies that play to female strengths, and provide time on track.

4. Connecting talent with opportunities

As talent proves itself competitively, the >= More than Equal team will leverage their extensive business and motorsport contacts to connect that talent with potential teams and sponsorship.