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Our current phase of research is based on 4 key pillars.

1. Executive Interviews

We conducted 1-on-1 interviews with motorsport stakeholders, competitors and regulators to explore first-hand, the experience and perceptions to female entry, development, and participation in elite-level motorsport.

2. Global Attitude Study

Over 13,000 fans from 147 countries responded to the multi-lingual global attitude survey, and their feedback is now being processed and interpreted to form an important pillar of >= More than Equal’s fact-finding mission.

3. Research Library Resource

We undertook exhaustive desk research to create an interrogatable database of independent, authoritative research focussed on global sport, and motorsport participation and progression to elite levels.

4. Global Driver Data Aggregation

We have conducted a data-driven analysis of the motorsport landscape spanning competitors (both male and female), licence holders, series and championships to build a definitive database of motorsport competitors worldwide.


Inside Track: Exploring the Gender Gap in Motorsport

This report is the combined result of the most comprehensive research ever undertaken into women’s participation in motorsport. It shows that there exists a great opportunity for the sport to capitalise on a clear call from its fanbase to improve opportunities for women and girls and to do much more to attract and retain female drivers. What are the specific barriers that mean a woman hasn't competed in F1 for over 40 years? Read the entire report, available to download now.